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Meet Our Clinical Staff


East Hanover chiropractor Dr. Fredrick Santangelo

Dr. Fredrick Santangelo


Meet Dr. Fredrick Santangelo

“Growing up I always knew I wanted help others”

Being in a chiropractic family it was almost inevitable my path in life was to become a chiropractor. As a young man growing up in Newark, NJ, I watched patients enter my fathers home-office all bent over in pain and walk out standing straight! I would sometimes meet his patients in the community and they would say ,”your Dr. Santangelo’s son right? Thank God for your father; without him I wouldn’t be walking, he saved my life!”

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Meet Dr. Michael Doblin, Sleep Apnea (Ancillary Staff)

Dr. Michael Doblin graduated from the University of Missouri in 1972 with a Bachelors in Arts and Science. At the University of Missouri he also studied Moleculor Biology and then worked at Sloan Kettering’s Virology department. In 1979 Dr. Doblin graduated 3rd in his class, with honors, from Howard University College of Dentistry.

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Kristen Giancaterino LAc (Acupuncture)

I am a graduate of the nation’s leading Acupuncture college, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine(PCOM) in New York. My primary areas of interest are nutrition, pain management, orthopedics, digestive disorders, stress, and anxiety disorders. I have over 4 years of experience working as an acupuncturist. In addition to completing the Acupuncture program, I am also a certified in administering therapeutic grade essential oils and a practitioner of the Raindrop Technique.

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Dr. Suja Jose DPT (Physical Therapy)

Caring and nurturing the impaired population and applying my skills to alleviate pain and impairment is my professional goal. Despite of age and lifestyle , human kind is affected by a wide range of impairments and functional deficits and that affects their normal relaxed lifestyle.

As a physical therapist , I evaluate, assess and diagnose the patients neuromuscular impairments and treat them accordingly.

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Bana Husseini, LMT (Massage Therapy)

Massage Therapy states back centuries ago to ancient cultures; where they believed in its medical benefits. Chinese text called it Classic Book for Internal Medicine. Egyptians got the credit for pioneering Reflexology. Hindus used the Art of Healing Touch in the practice of Ayurvedic Medicine.

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