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What is Functional Evaluation Testing?

Functional EvaluationFunctional Evaluations (FE) are used to determine and establish an individual’s functional ability. It does this by evaluating the patient’s test results and comparing them to normal population data. Because the FE requires the tested individual to demonstrate competence in terms of ability necessary to negotiate and perform specific tasks, the FE is proven to be the best tool available for evaluating human performance as it applies to their abilities.

The test is first used to establish a baseline evaluation of the patient’s functional status. Subsequent tests follow their progress and changes throughout their treatment plan. Findings from subsequent exams are used to determine the extent of functional loss and assist the physician in the development and modification of the patient’s treatment.
The test is a non-invasive procedure that assesses impairment rating, muscle, grip, pinch, and lift strength while also assessing ranges of motion of the tested area. All tests are done in a series of 3 to 6 repetitions, for validation of test results. All of the equipment that is used is computerized and patient friendly.


  • Establish objective third-party medical necessity for treatment and continued care.
  • Justify the necessity of physical therapy, rehabilitation improvement, or any medical necessary procedures.
  • Track patient progress.
  • Support denial appeals with objective third-party documentation.
  • Provide legally defensible documentation for litigation.
  • Protect against audits by supporting doctor’s treatment and notes with objective third-party documentation.
  • Ensure validity and necessity of prescribed and interventional treatment.
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